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There is a minimum of 10 hours of kitchen use required per month ($250.00). 


  1. *$25/hour

Equipment/Electrical charges will apply to clients bringing in equipment needing additional electricity or wall space.

A refundable $200 deposit is required upon signing. The deposit will reissued after 45 days of proper contract termination and return of kitchen key. A 30 day notice is required for contract termination.

Cleaning Fees: We strive to keep a VERY clean kitchen and are strict on our cleaning protocol. Any additional cleaning of your assigned work space and equipment utilized within the facility will be charged against your deposit, at the flat rate of $50, as deemed necessary by Whisk.



One shelf 24x36: $40/weekly * $100/monthly * $25/one time day/night/one time use (amount of space will be limited for each client)

One speed (Rolling) rack: $50/weekly * $150/monthly * $30/day/night/one time use (there are only a certain number of rolling racks available)

If more space is needed for special events an additional cost will apply.


Freezer storage is limited but fees will be discussed based upon your needs.


We offer 24 x 48 metro rack shelves for weekly/monthly usage with a maximum of 4 shelves per client. 

1 - 24 x 48 shelf is $30/month (an entire 4 shelf rack is $120/month)

1 - 24 x 48 shelf is $50/week

Additional equipment storage fees will apply for those that need to store equipment that does not fit on your assigned shelving.

Further, you will need all proper permits (food handlers, health permit, and biz license) which we can tell you more about and help guide you through the process. You will also need to have on your liability insurance policy a rider $1-$2 million dollars with Whisk Kitchen listed as an additional insured prior to use of our kitchen.